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Maui Sunsets & Sunrises

Maui is famous for romantic sunsets and breathtaking sunrises. The sunrises from the western resort coast are some of the best in all of Hawaii, but there are actually a number of places to see a great sunset or sunrise. Here are some of our favorite Maui sunset and sunrise spots.

Romantic Maui Sunsets

The best place for a romantic sunset on Maui is anywhere on the western or northwestern resort coast areas. The sunsets from Kaanapali are great because the sun tends to set over Lanai to the west. A little further south, the Old Lahaina Luau in Lahaina normally includes a spectacular sunset over Lahaina Harbor, with sailboats in the distance.

Sunsets over Lanai can be great from the bay between Maui and Lanai. A number of tour operators offer these "sunset harbor" tours. Our favorite is the Trilogy Tours Lanai Sunset tour, which includes a trip to Lanai, snorkeling, and sunset on the way back to Maui. It is expensive, but with this trip you get what you pay for.

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The southwest coast of Maui also has some great spots to see the sunset. For instance, the area around La Perouse Bay includes a hill that is great for watching the sunset. From Makena Point it is sometimes possible to see the sunset over Molokini offshore. And the entire Kihei area is prone to great sunsets as well.

It is possible to see an outstanding and different sunset from the slopes of Haleakala (near Kula) facing west toward the rest of Maui. We don't recommend the sunset from the summit area, however, because the weather is less predictable than at sunrise. Also, at sunset the sun is behind you from the summit area, making it difficult to appreciate the mountain and the sunset all at once. So although sunsets on the actual summit of Haleakala can be nice under the right conditions, we suggest you take in a sunrise here instead.

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Best Maui Sunrises

The best place in Maui to see the sunrise is undeniably the summit of Mount Haleakala. Seeing the sunrise up here is amazing, because you can see all the way down to the ocean 10,000 feet below. You are usually above the clouds up here, and the mountain, clouds, ocean, and other Hawaiian islands spread before you as far as your eye can reach. A sunrise experience here takes some planning, however: it is often cold, and it takes at least an hour and half to drive from the coast of the island. A better option is to spend the night in Kula, halfway up the mountain, so that your morning trip is shortened. Then you can take in some of the sights of the mountain and Haleakala National Park as you work your way down the mountain to the coast after the sunrise. If you head to Maui, a dawn summit experience will be worth the effort.

If you want to do the sunrise at Haleakala, the best way is to drive your rental car to the top of the mountain. The road is very well maintained and there is parking available at the summit. However, if you are staying on the coast, and you would like someone familiar with the area to drive you to the top, a tour might be the thing for you. One bonus of the tour option is that you can catch some sleep on the bus on the way up. Here is a link to one good option:

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