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Oahu Sunsets & Sunrises

Oahu has a host of great places to see a beautiful romantic sunset. You can watch the sunset from a beach or from a vantage above Honolulu. There are sunset spots in crowded Waikiki or more secluded locations. Here are some of our favorites.


No contest here: Waikiki has to be the top spot on Oahu for a romantic sunset. Waikiki Beach sunsets are spectacular not only because the beach faces west, but because of all the sailboats, yachts, and palm trees you can frame into view in front of the sunset. Plus, after the sunset, the night life of Waikiki Beach is right there. Dinner, a sunset stroll on the beach, shopping, and then a moonlight stroll on the beach make for a truly romantic Waikiki Sunset experience.

Although Waikiki is probably the top spot to watch a sunset on Oahu, in fact any spot along the western coast works quite well. Puu Ualakaa State Wayside offers panoramic views of Diamond Head, Waikiki, downtown Honolulu, and Pearl Harbor at sunset: a very romantic Hawaiian sunset! There are any number of beaches along the western coast, all of which face beautiful Hawaiian sunsets almost every night. If you are looking for a remote spot to watch a sunset, the beach at Kaena Point State Park near the western tip of Oahu (photo, right) is a great spot. This is a remote area, though, so be prudent: don't go alone, don't leave valuables in your car, and leave when the sun sets.


The sunrises on the eastern shore of the island can be gorgeous. Surprisingly, the sunrises around Waikiki are also quite nice sometimes. Even though you can't see the sunrise itself from Waikiki, the clouds overhead often make for beautiful sunrise colors, and it is nice to be out jogging or walking in the early morning in Waikiki.

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